Sounds of sizzling hot pans, piles of freshly chopped vegetables and tantalisingly good smells, welcome to the Different Dog kitchen! Healthy fresh food isn’t just good for us, its good for our dogs too. Every one of them deserves to live a long, healthy and happy life which is why the food they eat is hugely important.  Let your dog try one of these hampers today to see the difference it makes.

What Different Dog stands for

  • Food for dogs

    Food for dogs

    We are on a crusade to change the pet food industry for good.

  • The joy of food

    The joy of food

    We bring together the best of both worlds: the science of dog nutrition and the joy of real food.

  • Earth-friendly


    We prioritise sustainability and always strive to do better for our environment.

  • Healthier futures

    Healthier futures

    We stand for change, no matter how small, towards a healthier future for all dogs.

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