We Three Treats

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Three packets of our delicious, sliced sausage treats contained in one delicious delivery; Fishy Favourites, Game on and Turkey & Trimmings.

This box contains three packets of delicious dog treats, each lovingly made from ethically sourced British meat and fish and presented in bite-sized sausage slices. Each treat is grain-free and contains absolutely no artificial colours or flavours; perfect for training sessions or popping in your pockets for wonderful walkies.


What’s in the box?  

1 x Fishy Favourites 75g  

1 x Game On 75g  

1 x Turkey & Trimmings 75g  



Fishy Favourites: Whitefish (70%), glycerol, potato, minerals, basil, marjoram, thyme, parsley, oregano.   

Game On: Game (60% venison & duck), glycerol, sweet potato, potato.   

Turkey & Trimmings: Turkey (60%), sweet potato, glycerol, potato, cranberries (1.5%)



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