Puppy Food Hamper Plus

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Every Puppy deserves to be spoilt and that’s why we developed the ultimate puppy hamper, with added probiotic to help support your pup's digestive health and boost immunity.

Included in this hamper is the finest hand cooked food suitable for puppies. Cooked by our chefs in Shropshire, it’s crammed full of Human graded UK meat, vegetables, fruits and superfood. Bursting in flavour with all the nourishment a growing puppy needs, so you can be sure your puppy will thrive in life.


Pick up to two meat types to help your puppy transition onto Different Dog easier decreasing the risk of upset tummies.


What's in the hamper?

  • 6 x 250g packs (small hamper) or 6 x 600g (large hamper)
  • 75g Chicken Chews
  • Animotics Probiotic Paste
  • Puppy Fleece Blanket
  • Different Dog Puppy Booklet
  • Puppy Feeding Guideline

Chicken Chews - Packed with a protein punch, this treat is simple and healthy. Made in our kitchen in Shropshire with just 100% Chicken Breast and nothing more.

Animotics Probiotic Paste - Animotics is a bespoke Probiotic formula providing multiple strains of bacteria to give your pup the best start, supporting their digestive health and helping boost immunity.

Puppy Fleece Blanket - Wrap your puppy in pure luxury with this soft and fluffy blanket. The perfect accessory for on the go or at home. 70 x 110cm


Storing Different Dog

All of our packs arrive frozen and then are stored in your freezer. Simply defrost in your fridge and serve. Once defrosted Different Dog lasts for up to five days and is kept in the fridge.


Why feed Different Dog?

Each of our recipes are as unique as your dog, lovingly hand cooked, using fresh locally sourced ingredients straight out the earth. No Grain, Legumes or nasties, just simply droolworthy real food that lives in the Fridge and Freezer.


Transitioning onto our food

Start by replacing 10% of your current puppy's food with Different Dog, increasing the amount daily by 10 % over the course of 10 days until you’re at 100% of Different Dog. We recommend sticking to one protein for this period of transitioning. You can also use Different Dog as a tasty and healthy topper to your puppy’s current food.


Still have more questions? Get in touch and we can help at 01743 384562 or feedme@differentdog.com

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