Lamb Hotpot

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Warm the soul with this hearty lamb recipe, bursting with red cabbage, apple and parsnip.

Picture this, flavoursome British lamb hand-roasted with locally sourced parsnips. Finished with some antioxidant-rich red cabbage and a pinch of sage. Loaded with wholesome and nutrient-rich ingredients. The squeaky-clean bowl will say it all. Healthy, meet tasty!



Lamb (Mince 30%, Heart 25%, Liver 5%), Red Cabbage (14%), Carrot, Parsnip, Apple 5%, Mushroom, Salmon Oil, Sage, Brewers Yeast, Monocalcium Phosphate, Chia Seeds, Kelp, Minerals, Turmeric.


Analytical Constituents:
Moisture 70.3%, Protein 12.4%,
Fat 8.7%, Fibre 0.5%, Ash 3.0%
Omega 6: Omega 3 ratio  1.4:1


Nutritional Additives (Per KG):
Vitamin A 2500IU, Vitamin D3 500IU, Zinc 18mg, Iron 15mg, Manganese 7.5mg, Copper 4.5mg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 0.025mg


150 kcal/100g

Feeding Guidelines

A dog's individual requirements will vary depending on their age, activity level, breed and environment. This daily feeding guide is based on a dog that is active for one hour a day. If you need more advice your vet can recommend what is most suitable for your dog. Or just call us - we love talking about dogs and we have our very own vet who can help out too.

When feeding a new food for the first time it is important to introduce it gradually, to avoid upset tummies. Start with just a small amount - maybe 10% - of your dogs overall food. Slowly increase this over a week until you are happily switched over.

This food is suitable for puppies as well as adult dogs. We advise feeding three meals a day to puppies, and two meals daily to adult dogs.

Suggested daily food intake

  • Small Dog

    Small Dog (5kg)

    220 Grams/day
    360 Kcal/day

  • Medium Dog

    Medium Dog (15kg)

    500 Grams/day
    820 Kcal/day

  • Large Dog

    Large Dog (30kg)

    800 Grams/day
    1400 Kcal/day

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