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Taster Hamper (large)

Selection of our tasty recipes (600g pots) and bone broth.  Personalised for your Pup!

Taster Hamper (small)

Selection of our tasty recipes (250g pots) and bone broth.  Personalised for your Pup!

Pheasant Stew

Rich and succulent, fresh pheasant breast cooked with red cabbage and butternut squash. Dinner party ready!

Warning: Because we use freshly prepared pheasant, there may be a chance of finding a small piece of shot in this recipe.

Beef and Berries

Back by popular demand, this recipe will bring our the forager in your four-legged friend. Blackberries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and dogs love 'em!

Braised Beef

British beef and fresh veg, cooked to perfection. Happiness in a bowl.

Chicken Casserole

Our first ever recipe and still a favourite. Some say it's never been beaten. Who said healthy couldn't be amazing?

Lamb Hotpot

Warm the soul with this hearty lamb recipe, bursting with red cabbage, apple and parsnip.

Turkey Fricassee

Fresh turkey cooked low and slow with sweet potato, banana and coriander. Super healthy and super delicious.

Catch of the Day

Tuck in to our tasty fish pie, it gets the thumbs up by our professional tasters and it's low in fat too!

Pawfect Picnic

This delicious Chicken recipe is cooked with vibrant sweet potato, red pepper and broccoli.

Comforting Chicken - For dogs under the weather

Created for dogs under the weather and sensitive tummies. Like a warm blanket and a big hug to make you feel better.

Keep-Me-Trim Turkey

A lower calorie recipe to help you shift a few pounds. Not that you need to. Either way it'll keep you in great shape.

  • New and exciting recipes hand cooked every week.

    We're the only people who do this
  • Freshest seasonal ingredients from British suppliers.

    We care about quality and sustainability, and we love British farmers
  • Created with our own pet nutritionist and vet.

    Your dog's health is our top priority, so we asked a vet and a nutritionist to join the team
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