All our meals are lovingly made by hand. Those hands belong to some pretty amazing dog-crazy chefs, who very occasionally have a blooper - they’re human after all... Because we hate wasting good food, when this happens, we label these meals as Kitchen Bloopers and sell them at a knock-down price. Perfectly good food, just a little bit wonky around the edges!

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What Different Dog stands for

  • Food for dogs

    Food for dogs

    We are on a crusade to change the pet food industry for good.

  • The joy of food

    The joy of food

    We bring together the best of both worlds: the science of dog nutrition and the joy of real food.

  • Earth-friendly


    We prioritise sustainability and always strive to do better for our environment.

  • Healthier futures

    Healthier futures

    We stand for change, no matter how small, towards a healthier future for all dogs.

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