Food for Fussy Dogs

It all starts in the kitchen…

It all starts in the kitchen...

We use local suppliers and ingredients whenever possible (finding bananas grown in Shropshire has proved to be impossible – we had to admit defeat here!). We order everything in specific quantities – this not only makes it easier for our chefs, but also means we have very little waste, only ordering what we need.

We use the highest quality ingredients that taste delicious, and because we chop all our veg into small pieces that are easy to eat, we can use lots of “wonky veg”. Wonky veg is a term used to describe vegetables that aren’t “pretty” enough to be on the supermarket – they are just as delicious!

Our Packaging

Our Packaging


Food Pots
Our new packaging is made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – a by-product remaining after the juice has been extracted that would otherwise be burned. They are microwave safe and are certified home compostable. As with all our packaging, our new branded sleeves are also recyclable.

Introducing...Sheep’s wool! This natural material is sustainable, renewable and one of nature’s greatest insulators. In our box liners the sheep’s wool itself is compostable, and the lining is biodegradable. Many of our customers re-use the insulation for hanging baskets and dog beds.

Ice Packs 
All of our puffin ice packs are eco-friendly and made of a high-quality, non-toxic material. You can refreeze and use them for picnics or lunchboxes. Or alternatively, cut open the bags and pour down the drain, using hot water to dissolve the gel. You can then rinse out the casing and place in your recycle bin. It’s not harmful to the environment and doesn’t release harmful gases when in landfill. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Prioritising our planet means it’s not always about the cheapest option, but the one that has the best balance of value and goodness.


Our collect plus service means we can also recycle any returned insulation and use it again - if you’d like anymore information, please contact our customer delight team at

What Different Dog stands for

  • Food for dogs

    Food for dogs

    We are on a crusade to change the pet food industry for good.

  • The joy of food

    The joy of food

    We bring together the best of both worlds: the science of dog nutrition and the joy of real food.

  • Earth-friendly


    We prioritise sustainability and always strive to do better for our environment.

  • Healthier futures

    Healthier futures

    We stand for change, no matter how small, towards a healthier future for all dogs.

Our Story

Back in 2015 I worked in the dog food industry. I got to know manufacturers, visit factories and understand how dog food is made. The more I learned, the more concerned I became.

We all know that you are what you eat. Yet we continue to feed our dogs the same food day in, day out. Often the shelf life is measured in years, and the food doesn’t even need to go in the fridge. What’s more, it doesn’t seem to have changed in years.

When we got our new puppy, Crumble, it didn't feel right to give her processed food. So we started making food for her ourselves, as we do for our children. She loved it and thrived on it. We started making it for her friends as well, and they all loved it too. People told us their dogs had shinier coats, better digestion and more bounce. So we decided to help as many dogs as we could by setting up Different Dog.

Charlie, Alex, Crumble

  • “This food has changed our pup's life. The difference is incredible”

  • “This change in Tayto’s health is beyond anything I had expected”

  • “Best dog food company I've ever come across – it's truly changed her and I'll be forever grateful”

  • “Starting Different Dog has been life changing for Socks”

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