Meat our butcher

At Different Dog, we believe you are what you eat, and that balance is best achieved through variety, and that freshness and quality of ingredients matter. That’s why it’s important for us to work with suppliers that share our ethos too.  As all our recipes contain at least 60% fresh chicken, lamb, beef or turkey, our choice of butcher is vital – luckily, we found virtually on our doorstep in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, the wonderful Buttercross Farm Foods, who butcher all cuts from fresh and local carcasses or primals. With 18 years’ experience, they describe themselves as the ‘Chefs’ butchers’, and if it’s good enough for chefs, it’s good enough for us and our dogs too!

We sat down with Sam Rowley, Director of Buttercross Farms, recently for a quick Q and A.  

What meats do you supply Different Dog?

Sam: “We’ve had the pleasure of suppling meat to Different Dog since early February 2018, and supply them with beef, lamb, chicken & turkey. We ensure that the meat supplied is of the highest quality and is in line with their nutritionist’s specifications to make a perfectly balanced meal.”

Who are your usual customers, and how do Different Dog differ?

Sam: “A large proportion of our customers are high quality restaurants, hotels and wedding venues within the Midlands. We’re used to providing great quality products, to a very high level of specification. Recently, there’s been a lot of focus on the importance of proper nutrition for humans but why should our dogs be any different? Properly cooked, nutritionally balanced meals give both of us the best chance of being healthy and happy.”

As a local business how important is it for you to support other Shropshire businesses?

Sam: “I don’t think the importance of local businesses supporting each other can be understated. There is more and more competition in every industry, but we pride ourselves in supporting the people doing the right things, closest to us.”

How important is it that business work to reduce their impact on the environment and what steps do you take to source, prepare and supply your meat in the most environmentally friendly / sustainable way?

Minimising our impact on the environment is a high priority for us, in fact we’ve very recently put measures into place to significantly reduce our disposable plastic consumption. We aim to ensure everything that we do is as efficient as possible to minimise waste and work with local suppliers who match our ambition to produce sustainably and reduce negative impact on the environment.

Do you have any family pets?

Sam: “We do! In the Rowley family we have three border terriers, a lurcher and a border collie who keep us all busy when we’re not hard at work! My mum Helen also runs a Canine Hydrotherapy and Physio centre - so we’re delighted to work with a team in Different Dog, who are as dog obsessed as we are!

 What’s your personal favourite cut of meat?

Sam: “At the moment I think it would have to be Beef Featherblade. A cheaper cut of beef but when cooked low and slow has the most delicious flavour to it.”

 What’s your top tip for enjoying meat at home? – for dog owners to enjoy!

Sam: “Buy your meat locally, from a butcher who knows their cuts and how to cook them. Proper butchers are experts in understanding how to get the best from each cut, so getting a good relationship with your local butcher is the best thing you can do.”

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