1. Puppy Nutrition

    Getting a puppy is such an exciting time but there is also a lot to prepare for.  This week our Vet and Nutritionist answer your questions about feeding puppies and how to help give them the best possible start…

  2. What Is The Best Diet For Dogs?

    Feeding your dog a balanced, natural diet is vital to their overall health and wellbeing.  With approximately 50% of our dogs being classified as overweight or obese, it is also crucial to consider how much, as well as what, you feed your dogs for optimal health.

  3. How to Make Your Own Dog Food with Different Dog

    We all know the saying  "you are what you eat" and here at Different Dog, like so many pet parents around the country, we believe the same goes for the four-legged members of the family too.

  4. Why dogs can enjoy turkey too this Christmas

    With Christmas approaching it's not just humans who can enjoy some festive turkey. Our nutritionist explains what benefits dogs can get from eating Turkey and other ingredients in our Festive Feast. 

  5. Meat our butcher

    The quality of the meat we use is vital. We sat down with Sam Rowley, Director of Buttercross Farms, to find out more. 

  6. London Vet Show - a Big Thank You

    Big thank you to all the vets and vet nurses who came to visit our stand at the London Vet Show last week. We were blown away by your enthusiasm and support.  

  7. Why diversity in your dog’s diet matters

    Many dogs are fed the same food day in, day out. Adding diversity to your dog's diet can have significant benefits.

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